Friedwassers run

We're taking part in Move for Mercy Corps

This March marks 10 years of conflict in Syria.

We are taking on the Move for Mercy Corps 154km challenge and stepping in solidarity with Syrian Refugees.

154km is the distance from Damascus, Syria to Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan, a distance most of us can only imagine travelling to find safety. But for millions of Syrians they had no other option.

More than 12 million people have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict began on 15th March 2011, with almost half seeking refuge in neighbouring countries, including Jordan.

Mercy Corps has been working with Syrian refugees since the beginning of the conflict, providing emergency assistance to meet basic needs, creating safe spaces for youth and increasing economic opportunities.

Although we may never go through what millions already have, we want to show our support by taking positive action for someone we may never meet.

If you are able to support us by donating, we would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Mccarron Family

Go you two, great effort!!


Ursula Truebswasser






Good on you Josh and Ursula! Miss you guys and thinking of you!! Hugs from Cambodia, Christine Rohan and Beckett



Run, Ursi & Josh, run!


Josh Friedman


Susanne Fuhrmann


Helga Truebswasser




Dennis & Carol Friedman

Keep on running for the good of people. We love your compassion and caring



Great initiative! Thank you for all you do and greetings from NY, Amélie


Christopher O

Go Ursi go. I'will wait with a jar of hazelnut creme at the finsih line :-)


Timothy Twofoot Boulette

Good luck!




Aviva Kutnick

Hi Friedwassers! I know I missed all of our phone calls, but I love that you are running for refugees (and jumping for justice!) and hope we can schedule a catch-up something soon.