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My target 154 kms

All Done

Well that’s it. With the other guys we flew past the target. It’s got me going again after lockdown induced boredom...
Mercy Corps do great work, with locals in the places where refugees, people like you and me need it.
If you can spare me the price of a pint, donate it instead. I’ve had plenty of beer over the years!!!!

End of week 3... musings

Bear with me.... I’m thinking on this a little bit more as I’m trying to raise a little bit of money to help

I was musing  that 154km could be walked in 7 days, 20 or so Km a day.
That’s the distance from Peebles to Innerleithen and back on the nice flat cycle track. 
Cycling that yesterday with the family was a great day out, but the kids were tired by the end, legs aching, a little hungry. Sandy was on a seat on the back of Rosie’s bike.
There’s no way we could persuade them to do that for 7 days in a row for fun.
We’d also never be able to walk 20 km a day.

The West Highland Way is 154 km, the kids aren’t walking that either.

To complete the picture we need to include:

hunger, who lets their kids go genuinely hungry?

Tiredness, we all know what it’s like to have constant broken sleep...

Cold, real cold... wind cutting through your clothes 

Wet, underfoot, your clothes, the ground you have to try and persuade your kids to sleep on, not being able to put in dry, fresh, clean clothes and close the door on pelting rain...

Despair, having to choose to put you kids through this or suffer something else

Despair, not being able to stop their suffering

Sadness, friends and family missing or killed

Sadness, a life and hopes built up over the years, gone

Sadness, a home, your sanctuary destroyed or just left behind because of

of death at the hands of the world’s most recent winners of “most brutal regime” to name just one, 

or your daughter’s losing their freedom, 

or your children being brainwashed into monstrous ideas.

or for maintaining your views
or for having worked for your government, perhaps in the forces or police

It’s not melodramatic, sadly it’s very real.

Day 16

Quick ride, significantly faster out than back... love a head wind!

Day 11

I’d like to say that like Tiger I’ve coiled springs to bounce along on... 
the Tweed was fairly roaring this morning under a leaden sky, but how great to be getting on with this around that.

Day 7&8

Felt a bit sore with an injury, getting old and don’t bounce so well! So I ran on Tuesday evening rather than the morning and felt okay enough to go out this morning as well. No record pace, but making all the way through to the end of the month is the gaol.

Day 8

Switched to running today, down to the river and back, gentle pace, first run for a couple of months... certainly more effort and less elegant than cycling!

Day 7

Rest day, marmalade made... going to switch to a 5k run tomorrow.... dodgy leg hopefully has settled down.
Week 1 done, well worth remembering those having a hard time, a bad camping trip passes to a memory to laugh at. 
Years of dealing with uncertainty, real discomfort, fear, anguish for the situation of your family and friends.

Day 6

Lovely conditions, cold but sunny. Good ride with a mate, took a bit longer due to gassing rather than peddling hard!
Rest day tomorrow.

Day 4/5

Day 4 samey samey, legs feeling all fine, bum in good shape...
Day 5 a few hills and cheeky inclines prior to picking up #2 from school, all good so far. 
More distance tomorrow rest Sunday and some hills next week.

Day 3

Cool, dry morning. Same route. Just easing into the regular riding again. my “seat” is now less sore! I’ll hopefully switch to a more challenging route next week and put a few more Kms on with a longer ride at the weekend!

Day 2

Same ride as day 1, Innerleithen and back on the cycle path. Low cloud and cold, nice easy morning great to get that buzz before work.

Day 1

Day 1, frosty, foggy morning... Peebles to Innerleithen and back on the cycle path to avoid the roads.

I’m taking part in Move for Mercy Corps

This March marks 10 years of conflict in Syria.

I am taking on the Move for Mercy Corps 154km challenge and taking steps in solidarity with Syrian Refugees.

154km is the distance from Damascus, Syria to Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan, a distance most of us can only imagine travelling to find safety. But for millions of Syrians they had no other option. 

More than 12 million people have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict began on 15th March 2011, with almost half seeking refuge in neighbouring countries, including Jordan.

Mercy Corps has been working with Syrian refugees since the beginning of the conflict, providing emergency assistance to meet basic needs, creating safe spaces for youth and increasing economic opportunities.

I moved from London to Scotland, it was a bit of an upheaval, even a bit stressy at times... but it was exciting and something we wanted to do...

I didn’t have to see the destruction of my neighbourhood, live with the suffocating panic that death was stalking my family, say goodbye to everything I have built up and after all that have no future I can look forward to, and I like to plan ahead. 

If you are able to support me by donating, it would be really appreciated!

Thank you!

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Well done, what an achievement.


David Thompson



Well done, David, a very good cause and good luck with it. love from Cicely


Harry Panton

Great effort Dave!



Well done mate and good luck


Henry Percy


Richard Brown

Great cause, great effort. Well done Dave!


Charles Cormack

Good luck


David Mcculloch

Dave - you're making me think I should be doing similarly good things. Congratulations!


Simon Child


Rosie T

Well done darl.... you smashed it! #proud



Great effort buddy!!!



Thanks Eileen!


Chris Davey

Go mate!