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My target 154 kms

Day 3

Mostly full of cake and coffee. 
A late night power walk of 4.5 K, dodging bats. Doggo loving the walking life !

On being grateful

Day 2 - out and about alot. Managed to sneak a walk in when the wee one went to bed. It was one of those beautiful nights, everything so green, hawthorn flowers out in full. DS came back from 2 nights away on a school residential. Surprised myself how much I missed him. At 10 year old he still loves a cuddle. He's so kind and funny. Happy he was away with friends, having new experiences but missed him terribly.
Can you imagine the pain of not knowing if you would see your child again? Wondering how you would feed them, where you would sleep that night? Having to rely on the kindness of strangers and the dread that their childhood had been ripped away in the face of violence.
The material worries all of us ruminate over in our daily lives are nothing compared to the fear of this.
Refugees aren't faceless victims, and with the war in Ukraine it is obvious that this could happen to any of us, anywhere.
Happy to be home. Happy and grateful to have a home.

I’m taking part in Move for Mercy Corps

I have joined the journey and I’m moving for Mercy Corps!

This June I am taking on the Move for Mercy Corps 154km challenge and matching my distance by raising £154. 

For those fleeing Damascus, Syria, there are 154km to travel to Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. This is just one of the many journeys refugees around the world make to find safety.

In the world today, 84 million people are displaced. Approximately 35 million of whom are under the age of 18.

If you are able to support me as I take on my 154km by donating, it would be really appreciated! Your donation will help Mercy Corps support refugees on their own journey to safety, whether that’s from Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia or other parts of the world affected by conflict.

Thank you!

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