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My target 154 kms

Run #21 - 31st March

Made it to 154km, with a few hours to spare, so here's one last slice of blurry late-night bridge porn. Feeling very lucky to live here.

Thank you to everyone who chipped in to support Mercy Corps' response to the Syria crisis, both within Syria and in neighbouring countries like Jordan, which has welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees. It's truly appreciated.

Run #15 - 21st March

Passing the 100k mark on the coastal path with the most-al path. 

Run #13 - 19th March

Not a big fan of running down dead-end roads just to come back on myself, but made an exception here.

A popular spot for owners of snazzy cars, who park up at a photogenic angle and get their latest Tinder profile pic in the bag.

Run #11 - 15th March

Making up for lost time/miles at the Ferry Loch. I've seen actual ferries bigger than this, so not sure why it merits "loch" status, but in any case it's a beautiful spot with some great trails.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the conflict in Syria. Thank you to all those that have donated so far, it's greatly appreciated. A special thanks to Euan Ryan, who bashed out the full 154km in one mad day on the bike, and directed people towards my fundraiser. 

Run #8 - 8th March

A slow and short one, exploring new trails and still managing to get lost despite the presence of fairly sizeable visual refrences.

Run #6 - 6th March

Looking back on NQ from a wee beach on the Fife Coastal Path, just short of St David's Harbour. Nice day, sair feet.

Run #1 - 1st March

First kms were always going to be over the old Forth road bridge, especially now that the east side (which faces the rail bridge) is open. The Queensferry Crossing on the other side is pretty swish, but there's no contest.

I’m taking part in Move for Mercy Corps

This March marks 10 years of the conflict in Syria, from which more than12 million people have been forced to flee their homes. I'm taking on the Move For Mercy Corps challenge (154km in 31 days) and taking steps in solidarity with Syrian refugees.

That's roughly the distance that I've managed to run in the past eight months. More importantly, it's also the distance from Damascus, Syria to Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan, a journey that many have been forced to make in order to find safety.  

Help me get to £154, and I'll match it - as well as provide the odd scenic photo of North Queensferry running routes when the weather allows.

**UPDATE: Target hit - thank you all so much! Any help getting it higher still will be much appreciated**

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This is incredible Andy!


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Fantastic cause, good luck!





Impressive, especially with a newborn at home!


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Just discovered this - not surprised there was a wee gap in your runs! x a


Euan & Zoe

Best wishes. Kindest regards.


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Good lad


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Kindest best


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Great project Andy - would love to walk a bit with you if circumstances allow!


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On yir sel duth!



Well done Andy!! X



Well done Andrew!


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Well Done!


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Good show


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Well done!



Well done


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Run like the wiind..hopefully with it pushing from behind!


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Great effort for a great cause


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Look forward to the photos, enjoy the runs and good luck!


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