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Water of Leith - The Dells

Colinton Dell

Water of Leith - The weir

Leith Weir

Water of Leith - Walk through Colinton Dell

Sharing some colour to my walk along the Water of Leith and adding this link to give you a sense of Edinburgh's' history. It's only 2 mins and worth watching to add to the trivia knowledge you already have! The Water of Leith, the river which flows through Edinburgh and into the Firth of Forth, was once at the heart of manufacturing in the city. Around 70 mills sat on its banks, producing a range of goods from paper and flour to spices and snuff.


This was once a station and railway tunnel and now a walking and cycling route for everyone. Through the entire length and width of the tunnel is  this beautiful artwork sourced from the local schools, clubs and societies.

Syria's Schools under Attack

Warning there are disturbing scenes...


Mothers Day

It’s mother’s day and there is a freshness about outside as the daffodils spread their faces pointing towards the heavenly sky, at you and me, blooming pleasant yellow across our gardens and meadows.

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I took a morning stroll along the Union Canal, built in 1822 connecting the two great cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. The 8km stretch from Leamington Wharf, Fountainbridge to Colinton is delightful and is frequented by the locals; families pondering, some dreaming, walking, cycling and rowing.

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I take a coffee stop from an enterprising floating cafe. Two young girls with masked smiles serve the passing clients. Where is everyone? Oh, it’s the Six Nations -  Scotland are playing Ireland so it must be that keeping them away or of course the deserved Mothers Day lunch at home.

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As I pass my daughters school, Boroughmuir High School, newly built with fantastic modern facilities, costing £35 million, unbelievable, but it’s true! The historic old school in Bruntsfield just needed refurbishing and probably could have built a number of schools for that price; a common criticism I hear from Edinburgh residents - now the building is simply a luxury apartment complex.

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C:UsersajaliPicturesSaved PicturesIMG-1813.jpgPreservation specialist picks up £900,000 windows contract at Grade B  listed flats conversion - Business Insider

I compare that to some of the projects that Mercy Corps have completed in Jordan for the communities’ hosting Syrian refugees outside of the refugee camps. The population of these villages almost doubled in size. Imagine that happening in the UK, there would be an outcry!

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Many Jordanians gave parts of their homes and land to Syrian families and children fleeing the persecution by their own government in Syria. As an example, with the kind donation from the Dutch Govt we refurbished two schools and built a new Health Centre in Qasr Alhallabat, Zarqa district. This is the border belt between Syria and Jordan south of the Zaatari Refugee Camp. I was there a few years ago and saw the projects first hand. The displaced children of refugee families, many born in Jordan have mixed schooling with local children.

The children's happy faces don’t tell the story of the plight their families had to endure in the long walk to refuge.

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The grant funded the refurbished school facilities, reduced tension and conflict with the locals and provided much needed expansion to accommodate the Syrian children. 

Every child has the right to safe spaces and education. We understand that COVID-19 has disrupted 1.5 billion children from going to school for nearly a year. No proper schooling has been the norm for the past decade for the Syrian children. It makes me sad to know many can’t read or write, constantly experiencing mental health issues and only know a life of living in refugee camps and handouts. We are so fortunate, my children were 7, 9 and 12 year of age when the civil war started in Syria and like them these children should have advanced to universities but have been denied of their hopes and dreams.

The wealthy and powerful international community should not stand by and fail these children, not just in Syria alone, but across Yemen, Myanmar, Gaza, Somalia… Prime Minister Boris Johnson and British government can lead the way. Despite COVID-19 we have the wealth and the power to make a huge difference to the lives of refugee families!

Last Men in Aleppo

If you haven't seen this powerful documentary please watch it. It's still available on iPlayer


I’m taking part in Move for Mercy Corps

This March marks 10 years of conflict in Syria.

I am taking on the Move for Mercy Corps 154km challenge and taking steps in solidarity with Syrian Refugees.

154km is the distance from Damascus, Syria to Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan, a distance most of us can only imagine travelling to find safety. But for millions of Syrians they had no other option. 

More than 12 million people have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict began on 15th March 2011, with almost half seeking refuge in neighbouring countries, including Jordan.

Mercy Corps has been working with Syrian refugees since the beginning of the conflict, providing emergency assistance to meet basic needs, creating safe spaces for youth and increasing economic opportunities.

Although I may never go through what millions already have, I want to show my support by taking positive action for someone I may never meet.

Help me get to £154, and I'll match it!

If you are able to support me by donating, it would be really appreciated!

Thank you!

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