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Mercy Corps

is a global team of humanitarians working together to overcome crisis, disaster, poverty and climate change to create a world where everyone can prosper. Within every community we partner with, we work to connect people to the resources and opportunities they need to form strong, stable livelihoods that can withstand future challenges.

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We're leading a global community of humanitarians
to create a future where everyone can prosper.


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Why we're moving

In the world today, 84 million people are displaced.
Approximately 35 million of whom are under the age of 18.

World Refugee Day is marked on 20th June 2022 to honour the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homes and travel long distances under threats of conflict, danger and climate change.

From Syria to Nigeria, Yemen, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and now Ukraine, our global teams work with thousands of people affected by displacement every day.

This June, we will reflect on people’s stories of resilience and you can play an important role in ensuring that people around the world are connected to the tools, resources and opportunities they need to build better, brighter futures for themselves.

Your journey will help us to raise funds, so we can continue to support those on their journeys. 
Join the Journey and Move for Mercy Corps.

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