A Safe and Inclusive Childhood for All 

For many of the Syrian children living in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan, the camp is the only reality they know – after unimaginable violence and trauma, many have only hazy memories of their life in Syria, whilst others were born in the camp. Mercy Corps works to ensure that children who have already faced extraordinary challenges have a second chance at gaining an education, a sense of belonging and opportunities for the future.

Summayya, a 6-year-old student with Down Syndrome, receives one-on-one support from a Mercy Corps-trained assistant teacher, giving her the opportunity to learn alongside her peers. © Ezra Millstein/Mercy Corps

We provide training to educators and teachers, build awareness around trauma and disabilities, and provide customised support, like equipment and rehabilitation, so that vulnerable students can have a childhood like any other. 

In the largest school in Za'atari, Mercy Corps created a fully accessible playground called Dreamland. The equipment both accommodates and aids in the rehabilitation of children with physical disabilities, speech disorders, hearing disabilities, visual impairments and sensory issues. 

Creating safe spaces and supporting the next generation of young adults to feel included and well-equipped to take on future challenges and adulthood is crucial. Building resilience through inclusive opportunities will provide the children we support with the skills to build a stronger future and better tomorrow for themselves and their families.